Never Quit on the Uphill

My last post was about gratitude.  Tonight I’m feeling a lot of gratitude.  For so many things.  That post turned that loss of a friendship around for me.  I had been bombarded with kind of a lot of stuff the past month or so, and showing gratitude in the face felt refreshing and freeing.

Tonight I want to explain what the title of my blog means to me.

Never quit on the uphill.

Life can be hard.  Life can be awesome.  Life is so many, many things.  But regardless of what it is, it is always, always cyclical.  Meaning you will have good times and then bad times and then good times and then bad times and then……..  It will never end.

Once, when I was teaching myself how to run at the age of 40 (Couch to 5K!) I would get very, very discouraged during the uphills.  During the uphill portions of my run, I would think things like – “I’m not a runner.  I can’t do this.  I’m terrible – why did I ever think I could accomplish this?”  Sound familiar?  But then during the downhills, I would feel AMAZING!  So, as I went out for my morning run, I would remind myself not to quit on the uphills.  Wait for the downhills.  And I would persist through the tough uphill runs and then reap the benefits when the road started to level out.

It quickly occurred to me that that was an awesome metaphor for life.  Because we all have those tough uphill times in our lives.  If we let that dictate the whole of our experiences, we would quit.  We would never keep on trying.  But if you fight through the uphills, the downhills can be amazing.  But if you quit on the uphill portion of life, you a.) don’t get to the downhill as quickly and b.) don’t feel the same exhiliration.  So, let the hard times come.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other.  And you can be assured that the downhill times, when life is good, when the running is easy, will carry you through.

Never quit on the uphill.

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