Gratitude During Rough Times

I know that even my rough times are not rough times.

I know that I am overreacting to criticism and insults by those around me.

I know that I want to control not only those doing the insulting, but those around me and their reactions to the insults.  Do they defend me?  Do they abandon me?

But I know that all I can do is accept.

I know that acceptance and gratitude are my only defenses.

I act with as much integrity as I can muster in a given moment.

And likely so do those around me.

That is the hard pill to swallow.  We are all doing our best.

Who am I to judge someone’s actions or reactions?

That is not mine to own.

I own this.  That I am me.  And I am doing my best.

God is trying to talk to me.

I am too stubborn to stop my thinking and listen to him.

Stop.  Listen.

He is always there.  For all of us.  Not just for me.

Stop.  Breathe.  Listen.  Be.

God is speaking.

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