Selfish and Self-Centered

I’ve been doing a bunch of soul work and as part of that – examining myself and the prevailing dynamics in my life.  Through a series of revelations, I have just realized something exciting!


I am.   I spend SO MUCH TIME trying to prove that I’m not.  And I don’t have to anymore.  I actually am!  What a relief.  I know this sounds crazy.  But I spend so much time being annoyed by others for being selfish and/or self-centered.  Hello!?!?!?  It all makes sense now!  I’ve been wasting my time.  I can accept it in me and so I can accept it in them!

It likely all started with a selfish or self-centered mom and THAT’S OK!

Big sigh of relief…….you are, so stop trying to prove that you aren’t.  You are.  Just be.

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