This Weekend

So, this weekend was a great challenge for not drinking.  And guess what…..I didn’t.  I have started to like my non-drinking weeknights, but weekends?  Hmmmm……What would that be like?  And this weekend, we had a work holiday party (a bit belated) and then friends coming into town.  So, all of this draws a LOT of attention to drinking.  And I did none.  And I survived.  🙂  Happily and even with drawing a bit of attention to the fact that I wasn’t drinking.  So, here’s what I noticed:

  1. Even people who drink switch to water at some point in the evening.  I really never did.
  2. There are quite a few people not drinking, as it turns out.
  3. (Most) people are QUITE supportive of other people not drinking.  The bartenders words – “I’m ALWAYS supportive of a sober binge.”
  4. People who are drunk look pretty damn stupid.
  5. Not drinking is a lot like healthy drinking.
  6. Drinking too much is not a lot like healthy drinking.
  7. It’s awesome to be clear-headed.

So, the party would have been perhaps a bit more on the amusing side with a few drinks.  However, my options were:

  • Focus on the drinking.
  • Focus on the games/company.

For me, the middle ground has often been tough.  So, I chose to focus on the games and company.  While I admit that I felt a bit boring and even a bit bored, I did feel good about myself and I felt good about the conversation and I felt mature and I felt responsible and I wasn’t worried about how we were going to get home.  And I felt like if people didn’t like me, that’s ok, but at least they are deciding whether they like ME and not the altered, boozy me.  I like me better just as is.

Am I still thinking about drinking? Sure.  It’s not as persistent.  I’m on day 13, so we are still early.  And I still don’t know what will happen in January.  I just don’t know.  But for now, I’m settled on doing just this.

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